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Cachao & Tamayo

Cachao & Tamayo

Lázara Cachao López is the daughter of the legend Orlando Cachaíto López from Buena Vista Social Club, and she inherited his musicality in abundance.

With Mexican Edith Tamayo's enchanting vocals they create floating tones lika a Caribbean breeze that reflects America's heart: the blacks, the creols, the natives and European cultures that have enriched the Latin American rythms and songs.

Cachao & Tamayo * Duo 

Edith Tamayo - Vocal

Lázara Cachao López - Piano

Cachao & Tamayo * Quartet

Edith Tamayo - vocal

Lázara Cachao López - Piano

Yohan Ramon - percussion

Yasser Pino - bass 

México Lindo

México lindo

Authentic Mariachi Mexican music for your parties and events.

Trio for your small events

or the mariachi band for big events.



When Edith Tamayo moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to Copenhagen some time ago, the continental music scene surely gained something valuable. It's been a long road though.

Edith grew up in sea side town Mazatlan on the coast of the pacific, and  in Culiacan closer to the foothills of

the mountains further inland. An upbringing with a strong social consciousness, and with both legends and superstition, and not least the local music.


As a young girl she won singing competitions on TV, before she received a scholarship and as a 17-year-old went to the Bellas Artes Academy in Mexico City and sang all over the country. Yet she wanted to go to Europe and ended up in Sweden where she studied classical singing before she again returned home and worked in the Opera in the capital.

For just a few years now, she has lived in Copenhagen.


Edith Tamayo music, that combines the traditional Mexican and indigenous music. Edith also can be heard in a more intimate setting with a small group of musicians, has a special love for performing for children, and is constantly developing her music working together with musicians from different musical backgrounds. The songs - a mixture of traditionals and Tamayo's material - all have a feather-light touch, airy and full of colour. Most of the largely acoustic stuff is in a life-affirming up-tempo Latin style. The guitars are bright and shimmery, and the percussions, although trimmed down, are naturally rich and present. 


Coincidencias is Edith Tamayos new album  2017 together with Trio “Domison”, Ernesto Manuitt, Yasser Pino, Elvio Bravo and the talented musician Eliel Lazo, the album includes some of her own compositions.


With a voice that is as clear as a bell, accompanied by her hot band Tamayo brings with this record a lot of joyful music and some melancholy. It's a sound that is impossible not to move to, or not to be moved by. 

Torben Holleufer

Edith Tamayo


trio Domison

Four  amazing, Latin American musicians give us together the beauty of Latin American music

with  a delicious, warm acoustic sound with soulful vocals, guitar, bass and percussion.

We lift proud legacy of our predecessors, our  beautiful repertoire with the best of Mexico, Cuba and South America: Sensual Boleros,  Son montuno and  Cha-cha-cha from Cuba and Puerto Rico, lively Joropo and Merengue from Venezuela, Bossa Nova from Brazil, Ballenato from Colombia, Tango from Argentina and Huapango from Mexico.


Edith Tamayo's new album Coincidencias 2017 together with Trio Domison and the talented musician Eliel Lazo contains some of her compositions.


Edith Tamayo - vocal

Ernesto Manuitt- vocal - cuatro- guitar-percussion

Elvio bravo- vocal- guitar

Yasser Pino- vocal-bass-guitar


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